Training Stunts

We offer athletic skills training for men and women to become professional stunts. We are eager to collaborate with gyms and different companies to train existing athletes across all disciplines to become professional stunts in the motion picture industry.

Here are some of the services we provide:



  1. Fitness Training

  2. Swimming

  3. Horse riding

  4. Motorbike

Stunt Skills

  1. Skillful driving that includes, dune dashing, car race and car chase

  2. Weapon, and sword fights

  3. Diving

  4. highfall

Please note that if any of the stunts we offer includes other departments like SFX, underwater stunts, etc. We integrate those departments to offer a full service.


Safety Coordinators


This includes providing safety personnel to oversee any activity that falls under entertainment performance or sports to keep a safe environment for the performers.