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Hind AlBasti
Co-Founder & Manager 

Hind Al Basti is an Emirati film producer & writer based between the UAE and Los Angeles, with international experience in various markets such as Europe, America, and UAE. Hind’s experience spans production initiatives on feature and commercial films in culturally mixed landscapes. She worked in Image Nation Abu Dhabi, both on feature film sets and served as the cultural consultant for television series ADHABI JUDICIAL (2017) on Netflix as well as served as a festival liaison between the Dubai Film Market and the Emerging Filmmakers Initiative in the Cannes International Film Festival in both 2013 and 2014, where she moderated Q&A sessions. Her experience also includes a story analyst in American and British production companies in Los Angeles Such as FilmNation. Hind is an opportunist who sees the big reward in managing stunts in the region and is eager to build a professional stunt community that is based in the UAE and beyond.

Faical Attougui has been a Stunt coordinator and Performer for over 20 years. His experience spans over different kinds of sports as he won the Motocross Championship in Morocco twice in a row in 1997 and 1998. His performance experience includes acclaimed films and Box Office hits like Inception (2010), Star Wars Rouge One (2016) , Assassin's Creed  (2016) and his supervision coordination involves films like American Sniper (2016) and Son of God (2014). He received a notable award from the Screen Actors Guild for his Stunt Performance for Green Zone (2010). Attougui sees the opportunity in building a stunt community in an untapped region and  train men and women to be the next generation of stunt professionals in the Arab world.

Faical Attougui
Co-Founder & Stunt Coordinator

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